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Laurie Dyer

Laurie is our "know everyone by first name" apparel wiz! She is the office go-to for corporate wear and school sprit wear. She's built the model for efficient school programs, streamlining order forms and packaging orders. Not to mention, she taught lil bro, Scott, how to sell. Yeah, they're siblings! Married to her IU college sweetheart, Scott Dyer, they have two beautiful redhead daughters that keep them on their toes!


Michele Minton

We have to be honest: she’s the glue that holds us together. And, if you read through our diverse personalities above, you’ll know why Michele is an expert at herding squirrels. She is our go to for invoicing, organizing and double checking our work. When she's not working her magic in the office, she's a full-time Mom of three and a happy grandma of one!


Scott Fihma

Scott is our resident runner; logs more than 10 miles a day. That gives him time to concept for clients and work “on the run!” This IU grad is skilled in school programs, sports teams and athletic events. When he’s not burning rubber or rifling through the office for sweets, he can be found hanging out with his wife, Brooke, and daughter Piper.


Tia Larason

Tia is our technology go-to! She is the one who puts those handy web stores together for you all. She also keeps our website updated and fancy, and handles our social media pages. (Follow us on Instagram and Like Us on Facebook!). She does various of marketing assignments for us, and helps with Graphic Design as well! She just recently graduated from Indiana University Kokomo with a degree in New Media Art and Technology - Graphic Design, with a minor in Business. When she isn't working, she loves spending time with her family and fur children, Bobo & Daisy!


Laurie Faust

Laurie is our office magician. No seriously, she is. You know those chicken scratches that you give us and want us to print onto t-shirts? Laurie is the one who makes it happen. It’s not just you; we pile on random art requests too… and none of us have gone to art school. Thank goodness Laurie has! She went to Herron School of Art and has a degree in Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Visual Communications . You’ll see her work around town for sure. Place an order today and you can be a walking portfolio for Laurie too. When she’s not working designs for us in the office she likes spending time with her kids, usually on a sports field somewhere, or painting, drawing and designing in her studio.

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